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About Plum Blossom Foundation

Plum Blossom Foundation is dedicated to raise awareness and to spread the word about Lupus , to support, serve and educate those affected by Lupus directly or indirectly and to promote healthy living, with or without Lupus, by providing resources, information and education.

Our focus is on finding balance and living the best life you can, given the challenges you face. Always moving toward your body’s and mind’s most optimal level of health through nutrition and lifestyle. It is our hope that our voice will be heard in order to affect a change in the way the medical and social communities view and treat people living with chronic illness.

Plum Blossom Foundation is founded by, Ida Kolader, a young Dutch-Surinamese woman suffering from the disease herself, to create a better understanding for all Lupus patients as well as their family, friends, supporters and anyone else affected by Lupus. And to support, encourage and inspire those living with a chronic condition, and anyone else, with or without an illness, to become more aware and live a healthier lifestyle.

The plum blossom is seen as a symbol of winter and a harbinger of spring. The blossoms bloom most vibrantly during the winter snow spreading a fragrance that can even still be noticed in the cold air in the coldest time of the year. It is because of this the plum blossom symbolizes perseverance and hope but also beauty purity and the transistorizes of life.

Ida has the plum blossom tattooed on her body to remind her to keep hope and seek spring, also during winter times of life.



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